Get Involved at Vajradhara

The Center runs on the collective energy of our community. It is built by us, and for everyone, so that meditation is as accessible as possible to all busy Brooklynites. There is a range of volunteer opportunities and ways to support the center, no matter how much or little time you have. There are plenty of current areas that could use your love and attention. Feel free to drop us a line if you have a skill that you think would benefit the center and we don’t even know it yet.

You can email us a We look forward to working with you and building our community together.

The VMC Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Opportunities


Help our teacher focus on teaching. Take care of the logistics, welcome your fellow students, and assist your teacher.  If you come to a certain class regularly, consider coming just a few minutes early to help out.


Come help us make the center clean and welcoming. The center always need some sweeping and fixing. You can pick up a broom for five minutes or spend a weekend painting.


Doing things together is fun. Spending time together in class is great, but learning from one another beyond that hour a week is just as important. The Events Team plans parties, picnics, potlucks, and other opportunities for our community members to come together.


Want to meditate with your colleagues? Help us grow the community in Brooklyn. One way to do that is to volunteer your Brooklyn workplace for a free on-site meditation lunch session. You’ll get some peace at work and we’ll get to meet new people.


We know you’re out there, Brooklyn creatives. The center has a range of publicity materials that need to be developed and updated on a regular basis. This ranges from simple consistent fliers and web content, to posters and artwork for specific events. We would love to add your creative genius to the mix.