Improving Our Relationships Through the Practice of Love​

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Improving Our Relationships Through the Practice of Love

10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Kadam Matthew
$25; free for members

Love isn't just an experience; it’s something we practice. If we neglect practice, our relationships will suffer. Neglect, hurtful behavior or just a gradual distancing can strain the natural harmony between loved ones.

In this Saturday workshop, we will learn meditations that take us into the liberating and joyful nature of the mind of love. Practicing these methods both in and out of meditation will help heal past relationships and make our present relations more meaningful and harmonious.

Through understanding the wisdom aspect of love, our appreciation for others will become more expansive and universal. We will discover within our own hearts a radiant source of positive energy—empowering us to live the most beneficial life we can. 

Everyone welcome. No need for previous meditation experience. Advance tickets are encouraged.

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