Date: Saturday, October 28
Time: Part 1 • 10am – 11:15am
         Part 2 • 11:45am – 1pm
Teacher: Matthew Riechers
Cost: Free for Members • $25 for non-members

We will not remain in this world forever. Death stands at the threshold of our life and it is a transition all must make. We fear it, but this is due in large part to our lack of understanding about what happens during the death process itself.

Preparing for death while we yet live is one of the kindest and wisest things we can do, both for ourselves and others. The Buddhist tradition offers a profound, subtle, and inspiring analysis of the death process. Contemplating the cycle of sleeping, dreaming, and waking is very helpful in understanding what happens at the time of death. Putting these teachings into practice will enable us to transform our own experience of dying, help others to die with grace and dignity, and to live life fully, using our life to develop the inner refuge of spiritual realizations, constantly drawing closer and closer to an experience of freedom and joy.