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Self-esteem can be very fragile. 
Many of us have had our self-esteem damaged by circumstances and by people who didn't know better, often before we ourselves knew how to protect ourselves or take personal control of our self-regard. When our self-esteem is damaged, our confidence is undermined, and often we ourselves believe in and enforce the diminishment of our value that has been foisted upon us.

As a result, we suffer needlessly, enacting painful repetitive patterns, struggling to assert ourselves with others, making bad choices ..... 

Enough is enough. 

Now that we are grown, we can choose to re-invent ourselves along lines that we choose, with a powerful and resilient confidence.... no longer controlled and manipulated by others or the long-gone past. 

Join us for this day course in which we will examine how we can use the power of meditation to completely transform our view of ourselves. In the process we become a person with a special ability to help liberate others from their own self-limiting views.

Everyone is welcome. No meditation experience is necessary.