Date: Saturday, November 20
Time: 10am – 12pm
Teacher: Matthew Riechers
Cost: Free for Members • $20 for non-members

Blessing the Mind with Mantra

In this Saturday morning meditation workshop, we will learn a special breathing meditation that we can combine with the blessing mantra of all the Buddhas.

Mantra is enlightened energy appearing as sound. And when we recite it, our minds become calm, clear and powerfully positive. This extraordinary meditation is a perfect method to gather and concentrate our mind. It can be used to generate a feeling of inner peace, or as a preliminary meditation to prepare our minds for subtle contemplations and investigation. It especially blesses our mind and gives us great power to transform our minds easily!

In the "New Meditation Handbook," Geshe Kelsang writes, "This meditation produces many good results. It calms our mind and causes our distracting conceptions to subside. It strengthens our life supporting wind at our heart, thereby increasing our lifespan and protecting us from premature death....It is far more powerful than ordinary breathing meditation."