Day: Thursdays
Dates: April 13 – June 8
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Matthew Riechers
Cost: Free for Members • $15 non-members

This course is designed specifically for meditators who want to understand and practice the development of realization. In this series, we will study the "Training the Mind in Tranquil Abiding" section of "Joyful Path of Good Fortune" by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

On the basis of a close study of the text, we will learn to meditate on tranquil abiding. Though this effort, we can become deep and powerful meditators. With a mind peacefully abiding in wisdom, we can eliminate the power of our daily problems to disturb our mind.

In this course, we will learn to take the nature of the mind itself as the object of our tranquil abiding, according to the Mahamudra instructions of the Ganden Oral Lineage. Everyone is welcome!

May 4      Overcoming the Five Obstacles to Blissful Concentration
May 11     The Focused Power of Joy
May 18    Mindfulness and Alertness: Key Players in Meditation Success
May 25    The Nine Mental Abidings: Close Placement
June 1     The Nine Mental Abidings: Removing Subtle Obstacles
June 8     Complete Peace in Equipoise


Vajradhara Meditation Center
444 Atlantic Avenue
(Bet. Nevins and Bond Streets)