Day: Thursdays
Dates: Beginning September 14 and ongoing
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Teacher: Matthew Riechers
Cost: Free for Members • $15 per class for non-members

This course is designed specifically for meditators who want to understand and practice developing the wish for freedom from the cycle of suffering. In this series, we will study the 'Twelve Dependent-Related Links' section of "Joyful Path of Good Fortune" by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Everyone is welcome!

Our experiences of joy and contentment are uncertain, intermittent, and fleeting. We may begin to wonder if it is even possible to create lasting peace. If we examine our current views, intentions, and actions, it is clear that there is no good reason to expect a deep and transformative change in our experience.

However, Buddha taught that a radically different experience is indeed possible for us, if we only develop our wisdom and apply joyful effort. In his teaching on the Twelve Dependent-Related Links, Buddha explained how these twelve factors cause us to cycle in an ongoing experience of dissatisfaction, and how, through an enjoyable daily practice, we can create a profound inner freedom. 

On the basis of a close study of the text, we will learn to meditate on the wish for lasting freedom.


Vajradhara Meditation Center
444 Atlantic Avenue
(Bet. Nevins and Bond Streets)