An Introduction to the Generation Stage Practice Of Vajrayogini

In this series of practice-based classes, we will learn to engage in the self-generation practice of Buddha Vajrayogini in conjunction with the condensed sadhanas The Blissful Path and Quick Path to Great Bliss. We will cover topics like the nineteen commitments of the five Buddha Families, the three bringings, blessing the inner offering, meditation on the body mandala, practicing Vajrayogini in daily life and more.

This is a series open only to those who meet the qualification of having received the HYT Empowerment. If you have a sincere interest to do so in the near future and have a solid foundation in Kadampa Buddhist teachings and practice, you can speak with Kadam Matthew about the possibility of attending these classes. Otherwise, please join our weekly general program classes or other Saturday workshops and retreats. 

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are free for members / $15 per class non-member / $7.50 for KMC-NYC members

Select Tuesdays in February  •  7 pm – 9 pm
The Nectar of the Inner Offering

The Practice of Blessing and Tasting the Inner Offering

Blessing the inner offering is a Highest Yoga Tantra practice that enables us to swiftly transform our delusions into the five omniscient wisdoms of a Buddha. It greatly increases our merit and life-force and helps us avert inner and outer obstacles. This practice is an essential part of the long Vajrayogini sadhana, Quick Path to Great Bliss, so for those who wish to develop a qualified practice of quick path, this class is essential. For those who wish to participate, it is helpful to prepare by reading the sections "Blessing the Inner Offering" pages 57-66 in The New Guide to Dakiniland. Please bring your book to class as well as copies of the sadhanas Blissful Path and Quick Path to Great Bliss, if you wish.

Class will meet on February 12 and 19.