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Our weekly meditation classes give everyone the opportunity to learn and practice meditation in a group setting. Each class includes one or more guided meditations, a talk explaining relevant Buddhist teachings and how to apply them to our own meditation practice and everyday life. These classes are great for beginners and provide deeper insight and guidance for more advanced practitioners. Our focus on community invites everyone to ask questions and discuss in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Get to know some of our meditators and how meditation has benefited them!

You can sign up for our $99 All-Inclusive Trial Membership that's valid for three full months from date of purchase – so you can meditate all summer, and beyond! Membership includes our Meditation for Beginners Workshops and our Sunday mornings You can sign up in person or via Eventbrite link below.

Classes are free for all current members, and $15/class for non-members. Saturday workshops are free for members and $30/workshop non members.

MONDAYS • 7-8:30pm

Improve Your Meditation Practice


Learn to meditate or deepen your current meditation practice and explore practical methods we can apply in daily life. This series will teach us how to create and sustain an experience of inner joy and meaning! We'll cover topics like recognizing the preciousness of our life, finding inner peace, solving our problems skillfully, overcoming obstacles to our daily practice, and using power of effort and intention to take our practice to the next level. This class series runs from June 18 through August 27, DROP-INS WELCOME!

THURSDAYS  • 7:30-9pm

Solving Inner Problems


If we can’t solve our inner problems, our outer difficulties will never stop arising. This is because all  happiness and suffering in life begin with the mind. With meditation, we can get to know ourselves and our own minds, learn how to solve our inner problems and transform our life into a joyful adventure! From overcoming anxiety, to solving our loneliness and relationship problems, to patience in dealing with difficult people and unpleasant feelings – we'll learn how meditation can fill our life with meaning and set it in a new direction. This class series runs from June 21 through August 30, DROP-INS WELCOME!

SUNDAYS  • 11:30-1pm

Meditation and the Joyful Life


Meditation gives us the tools to experience deep inner peace. Within that peace we can discover a wealth of powerful positive states of mind that enable us to appreciate every aspect of our lives. These morning meditations will empower us to master this power and use our own minds to enjoy life to the fullest! Learn how patience, love and generosity – and with these, our happiness! – can be cultivated and sustained through our meditation practice. This class series runs from June 24 through August 26, DROP-INS WELCOME!

ALSO ON SUNDAYS: Family Meditation  •  

MONDAYS  • 10-11am

Daily Practice, Daily Peace


So many people say they don't have a regular daily practice, even after years of meditating! This class is designed to help us develop a daily practice by starting small and learning to enjoy the process of changing – slowly and consistently – for the better. Through a daily practice, we'll come to know firsthand all the benefits of meditation, a peaceful heart, and a happy mind. It's a practical, ongoing experiment with being a meditator! Topics include: motivation, mindfulness, time management, concentration, understanding the mind and how it works, and using this understanding to create a personalized, skillful practice that we can enjoy. This class is ongoing year-round, DROP-INS WELCOME!



Our two-hour workshop introduces meditation to beginners and offers practical advice that can be put to use immediately to get the benefits of meditation in your life. This course teaches all the basics – from why you would want to meditate to how to establish a meditation practice of your own. By relying on modern Buddhist explanations, you can learn with precision how meditation and positive thinking can bring happiness to your daily life.

This class is offered on June 23, July 21 and August 18 (11am – 1pm)
Free for Members • $30 for non-members