Our Resident Teacher


Born and raised in New York, Kadam Matthew studied philosophy in college and has lived in Brooklyn for twenty years. He has been a close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang for many years, and the resident teacher in Brooklyn since 2008. Prior to that, he was the Education Program Coordinator at KMC-NYC in Manhattan for six years, overseeing all the workshops, retreats, and classes.

Kadam Matthew has taught at NYU, CUNY’s Graduate Center and John Jay College for Criminal Justice. Insightful and humorous, he is appreciated for his clear and articulate presentation of the teachings.

Our Volunteer Teachers


Nicole is a long-time student of meditation. Although she spent several years living and working at a Kadampa Buddhist retreat center in the Scottish countryside, she is equally at home in the city. Her clear and articulate explanation of Buddhist teachings and meditative techniques can help us to bring greater peace into our busy city life.


Tom's joyful and enthusiastic manner of teaching and discussing the dharma is infectious, and the sincere way in which Tom practices from the heart is inspiring to everyone who knows him. Tom is a husband and a father to three lovely children. Tom also serves as the center’s volunteer Administrative Director.


As a neuroscientist and engineer, Michael brings a critical and scientific focus to his dharma practice. His sharp wisdom and passion for teaching is encouraging to others who seek to enter into or improve upon their meditation practice. Michael lives in Park Slope with his wife of 17 years, their 6-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. Michael also serves as the center’s volunteer Tech Administrator.


In addition to teaching classes at VMC, Sumit instructs middle school students about science and the importance of not picking their noses. He brings a scientific mind to analyzing and understanding the depth and beauty of Buddha’s teachings, while conveying the joy, light-heartedness and peace that meditation can bring. Sumit also serves as the center’s volunteer Foundation Program Coordinator.



As the resident of a beach community, there isn’t much that can entice Fran away from the ocean, but VMC has done it!  She is drawn to both the practical and spiritual aspects of the practices. As a teacher, she is thrilled to share the Dharma and the changes it has made in her life, including being a much more relaxed mother to two wonderful adult(ish) children. Fran also serves as the center’s volunteer Assistant Administrative Director.



Anne is a newspaper columnist who lives Brooklyn Heights with her dog, Minnie. She finds meditating and learning about Buddhism to be a super fun delight, and carries that enthusiasm into her classes. Anne also serves as the center’s volunteer Education Program Coordinator (EPC).



Bill is a Ph.D. social scientist and data analyst who loves logic, critical thinking and in-depth study – which makes him a diligent and thorough Dharma student and teacher. Originally from down south (Atlanta) he's spent most of his adult life in the Northeast and now lives in Brooklyn with his wife Maria (see below.) Bill also serves as the center's volunteer Membership Director.



Maria is a creative director who spends her days running a motion graphics studio. Since discovering VMC, she and her husband Bill (see above) have been regulars at the center. Although she frequently teaches on career and creative-related topics, she's found that nothing is more meaningful and enjoyable than teaching meditation. Maria also serves as the center’s volunteer Marketing Manager