Vajradhara Meditation Center is a 100% volunteer not-for-profit organization.
We receive no additional funds other than membership dues, walk-in fees
and the annual year-end fundraiser to cover our operating expenses.
Let’s make Brooklyn the happiest place to live and work!

We hope you will contribute to our Vision of bringing happiness to all of Brooklyn and help us keep our doors open for all Brooklynites..

Our Little Center Can Make A Big Difference.... But:

• Right now the Center is operating at a deficit of $3,500 per month.
• The annual Fundraiser brings the Center back to even. It is not extra money.

Please donate now! Our center needs our help.

Please consider writing a check and saving us a processing 5% fee.
Hand your check to a class assistant or send your donation to:
 444 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217