I’m new to meditation. What class do you recommend for beginners?

All of our classes are open level and, unless noted, don’t require any special background or prior experience. Beginners are welcome! With the exception of the Sunday Foundation Program class (which is designed for students with a bit more experience), you should feel welcome to attend any class at the time and location that is best for you.

There’s a class series that I’d like to take, but the series has already started. Can I still attend?

There are no requirements for attendance and it is fine to join after a series has started. Of course, you’ll get the most benefit from attending a series in full, but classes are structured with plenty of review and Q&A time to benefit students at any level of understanding with concepts or vocabulary that might initially be unfamiliar. Please join!

How are the classes structured? What can I expect?

Each class begins with a guided meditation so that everyone can learn and practice together. Then there will be an explanation by the teacher, based on Buddhist teachings, of how to apply the topic to one’s meditation practice and everyday life. There is always the opportunity to ask questions in class, so some discussion is likely to be a part of any class, and there may be a concluding meditation and dedication. We emphasize making sure people feel comfortable at the center, so please don’t worry, the atmosphere is friendly.

Do I need to register or pay in advance?

No need to pre-register; you can simply pay with cash or card at the door. At this time we cannot accept online payment for individual classes.

How much are classes?

For up-to-date information on any particular class, please check the class page for price information. Generally speaking:

  • Individual, regular-length classes are $15.
  • Shorter meditation classes are $10.
  • Saturday special events are priced individually
  • Classes are free for members. See our membership page for information on becoming a member.

What should I bring to Class?

No need to bring anything in particular, although you could bring something to write with if you enjoy taking notes. But do bring an open mind!

What time should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive at least 10-15 minutes prior to class start time to allow plenty of time to sign in, pay at the door, put away personal belongings and get settled. Classes start on time and it’s best to arrive early to avoid disrupting the meditation session once it’s started.

Do I need to wear anything special?

No, you can dress casually. Many people come directly from work, so work clothes or casual attire is acceptable. You’ll have the choice of either sitting in a chair or on a meditation cushion. If you choose to sit on the floor you might take that into consideration and wear something loose and comfortable, otherwise no special attire is necessary.

I am not a Buddhist, is this a problem?

Certainly not! Most people who attend classes at VMC are not Buddhists, but are people that wish to make the most of their lives and recognize the extremely wise and skillful nature of Buddhist practices. Everyone ... religious, spiritual, undecided, atheist, cynic, or otherwise is welcome.