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Day: Sundays
Dates: Ongoing with breaks (check calendar)
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Teacher: Michael Repucci and family
Cost: Free for Members • $15/family for non-members

Our family can be our biggest wellspring of love ... and our greatest source of frustration. Join us on Sunday mornings so that the whole family can train in mindfulness and virtue.

Class content is adapted each week to the families in attendance, but generally consists of family meditation, free play, and discussion of Dharma topics appropriate to both middle-school kids and parents. Toddlers and young children get an introduction to meditation, and learn to become part of a spiritual community through play and by osmosis. Older children and adults get to dive deeper into the ways that Dharma practice can help us deal with the practical challenges of school, work, and parenting.

Classes are open to all families – however you define family! – large or small, old and young. We welcome kids of all ages, and anticipate occasional, boisterous interruptions, including from our own kids: Maelle (age 6) and Owen (age 3).