Meet Our Meditators and Volunteers!

We're fortunate to have a diverse community of Brooklynites. We've got scientists and researchers, writers and journalists, artists and designers, teachers and parents, and even an aerialist. We welcome kids. Our community event planners organize potluck dinners and BBQs. There are plenty of edible goodies and good conversation to enjoy before and after classes. Check back often to see what event we've got planned next and come join us to get to know your fellow meditators!

“It is challenging to explain how Buddha’s teachings and meditation upon them have benefitted my life. Through study, patience and the gifts of VMC and other teachers, I find each day becoming more joyful than the last. It is possible. People are doing it every day and I’m so grateful to be a part of this community.

– Emma M.

“Meditation and my friends at the Center have brought remarkable joy and meaning to my otherwise stressful, busy life. With the Center’s programs and opportunities for community building, I have found true purpose and passion that I can use to benefit everyone in my life.”

– Adriana Y.

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“I have benefited greatly from VMC and meditation. I am the quintessential New Yorker because I like to use big words and I am very go-go-go. Meditation gives me a chance to slow down and recenter myself and relax in a deep way that no Netflix show can deliver. With this more relaxed mindset I can go through life with a more peaceful and kind demeanor both towards myself and others.”

– Sumit S.


“Meditation helped me uncover a space in my mind, in between my thoughts. In finding this space, I no longer feel I must act out of impulse, but have a short moment to decide what action I would like to take. I also use meditation to rest and recharge throughout the day by connecting to this space in between my thoughts. VMC has been the most amazing addition to my life. It is a magical place that provides all of the necessary conditions to cultivate and strengthen the best part of you. “

– Will D.

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“This place has become an oasis for me. The people have become like my family and provide with such utmost love and support. It’s comforting to know that everyone at this center wants to be happy and have a peaceful mind. I can be myself and I know that I will be accepted and not judged. I still have my depression and anxiety, and I still have bad days… the difference is that I now have more tools to control them. I am so grateful for this center.”

– Alexis T.

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“Meditation is like taking your own good advice. It helps keep me more grounded and gives me a little extra room to find the ease in my life. The best side effect is definitely the increasing sense of compassion and community.”

– Caitlin H.